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What drew you to the coast originally?

K: I had always dreamed of 3 characteristics of a place I'd love to settle - to be in a small town near a big city, to be near the ocean, and to have space for my kids to run and play. El Granada wonderfully fulfilled my vision.

S: Friends! About 20 years ago, my good friends bought a fantastic house in El Granada with ocean views, an ADU, and wonderful neighbors who threw block parties twice a year. My husband and I loved that. We wanted to start a family in a wholesome environment and we loved what the coast had to offer.

G: The ocean. I may have grown up in New England. but I've always been a California girl at heart! For me, the undeniable majestic beauty of the Pacific brings feelings of freedom, adventure, hope, and unlimited possibilities for what's to come.

What's your favorite part about living here?

K: I love the small town community where I am known, where I see friends and clients in the coffee shops and grocery stores, and all over town! Every day I appreciate the natural beauty around me.

S: I've always felt completely 'at home' here. The coast is not only stunningly beautiful with its dramatic landscapes, lush vegetation and abundant wildlife, it's also calming. I love how the relaxed vibe urges you to unwind, be more present and have more fun.

G: I am undeniably obsessed with our coastal community! I love the people that give each unique town its own character, flavor, and personality.

What's one of the locals' best kept secrets?

K: Definitely mornings on the coast! There is so much life to experience as day breaks. The light coming over the hills, especially on days after or between rains, is breathtaking, and there is so much wildlife to see.

S: There aren't many secrets anymore! One of my favorite spots is at the northern end of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. There are some hidden sea caves that you can walk/crawl through at low tide that make you feel like a kid on a grand adventure!

G: To hike: the trail with its entrance between Ace Hardware in Linda Mar and Highway 1. To explore: at low tide, head to Linda Mar Beach and check out the tidepools on either end. For long walks on the beach...with your dog: Esplanade Beach. Head down the switchbacks and stairs, then let them run free! It's an off-leash dog beach well worth it.

How do you support this community?

K: I show up and support local events whenever can, to show that I care about the community and that all the people who are blessed to live here thrive and have the opportunity to grow. Over the years I've been involved in many local organizations, volunteering my time and my financial resources, including Mavericks Community Foundation and Coastal Gives, Cabrillo Education Fund, Abundant Grace, and more.

S: There are countless ways to get involved! One of the ways I like to support all the public schools in the wider Half Moon Bay community is by sponsoring Cabrillo Education Foundation, an endowment fund designed to champion academic success with long term funding for a variety of scholarships and enrichment programs.

G: One of my favorite phrases stems from The Gottman Institute: "Do small things often." For me, supporting the community does include more established contributions. But where the rubber meets the road is in those everyday interactions. It's the smiles exchanged while walking Linda Mar Beach (smiling is contagious, after all!); it's checking in on community forums and helping where I can, greeting my neighbors and having their kids over for movie night.

What can we do to strengthen this community for years to come?

K: With the recent mass shooting, I think we've experienced a clear wake-up call that our community is stronger when we come together to support those among us who are struggling. We especially feel the lack of affordable housing in our small towns, and must work to overcome the roadblocks to creating more housing for our neighbors.

S: I believe that strong communities begin with caring citizens and leaders who endeavor to preserve what's special about their city while continuing to adapt to future needs. By investing time and money. and by advocating for public policy in support of such concerns, we stay aware and engaged.

G: Caring, responsibility, and authenticity. I think that growing this community is about taking ownership over the gorgeous place where we live. As my mama always said: leave it better than you found it. Take responsibility for the gorgeous place you live. If you see trash, pick it up! Is there someone at the grocery store that needs an extra hand? Lend it. Do whatever you can.

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