How to Buy a Home in an Era of Higher Interest Rates

A home isn't merely a luxury like a fancy watch; it's a fundamental necessity. Everyone requires shelter, and this intrinsic need should never be underestimated. 

With rising rates potentially diminishing the number of investor-buyers, there's a silver lining. These investors had previously consumed a vast portion of predominantly affordable homes, which inadvertently reduced supply and escalated prices. 

This also had the knock-on effect of pushing rents upwards. While there are instances of rental over-construction in some regions, the long-term projection suggests a rapid absorption rate. 

Considering the financial landscape, here's how potential buyers can adapt, especially with the guidance of the Palermo Properties Team at Compass: 

  1. Scout for Optimal Rates:

Remember, not all banks present identical rates. With fewer mortgages being issued, competition intensifies. Consider exploring 7- and 10-Year Adjustable Rate Mortgages, which can have initial rates up to 1.5% lower. 

  1. Enhance Your Credit Score:

Beyond managing poor credit, those with good credit can amplify their scores via strategic steps. The Palermo Properties Team can guide you towards experts in this field. 

  1. Rethink Your Budget:

Maybe a home priced less than a $1 million could be just as fitting for your needs. 

  1. Evaluate Monthly Expenditures:

Assess HOA fees, real estate taxes, operational costs, and insurance. Sometimes, properties with higher prices might be more economical long-term. 

  1. Search for Negotiable Prices

The Palermo Properties Team has a keen eye for properties where sellers are more flexible. 

  1. Boost Your Down Payment

Your money countering a 7% borrowing cost might be a savvy move. 

  1. Avoid Timing the Markets

Rates might decrease, and refinancing becomes an option. But often, lower rates induce higher property prices. 

  1. Rebalance Your Living Expenses:

Can you reallocate funds from other areas to better service your mortgage? 

  1. Submit Proposals

Uncertain times might favor buyers. Our team knows the market dynamics and can help discern good opportunities. 

  1. Explore Owner Financing

Some sellers, especially those with substantial equity, might consider this route. The Palermo Properties Team can advise on its viability and benefits. 

  1. Consider Fixer-Uppers

The Palermo Properties Team can help identify homes that, with a bit of work, might offer tremendous value. 

  1. Weigh Rent vs. Ownership


While renting may seem convenient, each month spent on rent means lost potential for equity and tax benefits. 

Above all, an agent who is professional, informed, and insightful, like the experts at the Palermo Properties Team at Compass, can be a game-changer in your home-buying journey


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