Stephanie Sills

Stephanie Sills


A top-producing Realtor® from her very first year in real estate, Stephanie’s academic background and business leadership accelerated her success. Stephanie’s career in technology and consulting gave her a strong work ethic as well as a deep understanding of how to communicate effectively, build strong relationships, and successfully negotiate sales contracts. Although she has worked and traveled all over the world, what she enjoys most is serving people right in her own community.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Stephanie understands that buying or selling a home changes peoples’ lives. It places them in a new environment, introduces them to new friends, and shapes their life experiences. A person’s home becomes the vessel for their traditions and memories and even an extension of their identity. To be a part of that personal journey is a great honor that she cares about deeply. She knows that each and every client and transaction is unique. She has built her career on careful listening and asking the right questions so that she can facilitate and engage her clients in a way that works for them and totally satisfies their objectives. Having worked with people from many backgrounds and age groups, Stephanie is well equipped to understand today’s buyers and sellers by helping them to articulate and achieve their real estate goals.

​​​​​​​In her words, “Living in Northern California has been an amazing experience. For the past two decades, I’ve lived in multiple cities from San Francisco to San Jose and along the peninsula, witnessing the incredible growth and development of the greater Bay Area. Every day, I marvel at the beauty and buzz of this fascinating place and I feel so fortunate to call it home. I’ve loved raising my young twin daughters here with my husband, Dan, and our wide circle of family and friends.”

Stephanie holds a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts), MBA (Master of Business Administration), and MIM (Master of International Management). She has traveled to 50 countries, including backpacking for 5 months in Europe and Africa. She is also a health and fitness enthusiast and has completed six half marathons. She enjoys hiking and biking the many scenic coastal and mountain trails around her home in Half Moon Bay.